NU Experience

As a current student at Nipissing University I was very excited at the opportunity to work with the institution and to become an active member of my learning community. To me, being a Laker meant more than just attending class. It meant that I would be given the chance to be involved in numerous experiences throughout the Nipissing community. During my four years at Nipissing I have been extremely involved with the competitive dance team and dance club on campus. Although I never had the experience of working in the Student Development Office, I was very excited to take on the role as a Student Learning and Transitions Assistant. I am eager to share the skills I developed as a dedicated dance team captain and Laker to the Student Learning and Transitions team.

Prior to beginning work at Nipissing University I experienced a lot of nerves, but mainly excitement. I was very excited about the idea of working with a team on a variety of initiatives to assist in the interaction between Nipissing University and students. As I began to transition into this new position I felt as though I wasn’t informed of all of the departments and services Nipissing has to offer to current students, mature students and education students. I frequently found myself asking questions, reading documents and seeking out Nipissing University’s current involvement with social media. As time passes, I am continuing to develop my understanding of the numerous departments and programs Nipissing University offers.

Throughout the first two weeks I thoroughly enjoyed the multiple interactions that took place through different team meetings, staff introductions and office encounters. I was intrigued to know each person’s role in the Student Development and Services Office and more about their personality as well. This was another way that I was able to understand more about the scope of the services the team provided to Lakers.

The next phase of my transition brings fourth a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation. This summer, I am an active team member of peer educator training and the AskMe team. I found these two roles to be very fitting as it is a great opportunity to be informed of all the events that occur at Nipissing University and a way to connect to future and current Lakers. Sharing ideas and brainstorming with my team about these two initiatives is off to a great start.

During the past two weeks I have been able to explore theories and the future directions of my position as a Student Learning and Transitions Assistant. I will continuously be reflecting on how I am able to contribute to the department, division, and the institution’s growth. My transition into this role has already allowed me to learn new skills and programs that will assist me as I move forward in this department. All of these experiences have supported me gain more valuable insight into the student development realm at Nipissing. The challenges that I will experience in this department will help me develop as a professional and a current Laker. I am looking forward to share my knowledge and ideas with my team and future Lakers.

I can’t wait to see what the summer offers!