Summer + School?

                                       Summer + School?

Math on the Beach

When we think about summer, we are more likely to have a picture of having a drink lying on a beach under the sun; and usually we don’t put a connection between summer and school. However, all university students need to make a decision about whether to take summer courses or not. Most of them decide to say good riddance to their textbooks; but there are still some summer school fans. Last month (May, which is a signal for the beginning of university students’ summer holiday), I heard a variety of interesting opinions about taking summer school from my students. Here are main pros and cons they mentioned as follows:



  1. Finish university faster
  2. Have smaller classes
  3. Get easier and faster access to university services due to lower number of students compared to regular school time
  4. Reduce workload for next semester if you are not in an honours program
  5. Maintain study momentum


  1. Have limited summer courses available
  2. Miss earning money and gaining work experience in the summer
  3. Need to keep up with long and fast-paced lectures
  4. Still have to take full course load during regular school year if you are in an honours program
  5. Pay for rent in summer if your home and university are not in the same place, unless you take online courses

Hope the above points will help students find answer for “summer + school?” based on their own situation. I believe using reason to guide their decision can help them get the most out of their university experience. Wish all our students have an enjoyable summer no matter whether they take summer course or not!