You Can Call It a Miracle

hat tossing ceremony at graduation

June is a harvest month for graduating students. After four long years of hard work, students finally get to walk onto that stage and receive that coveted academic hood and degree that says you are moving on to the next chapter in life.

Convocations are always filled with congratulations, celebrations, farewells, and wishes. This year’s convocation, I had a chance to volunteer in the Regalia Room. While I fit the black robes onto students who I have supported academically in the last four years, I noticed that I just could not stop having goosebumps. I knew it was not because of the air conditioning in the room. When a student told me he was receiving an academic award, it bought tears of joy to my eyes. I still remember it when I first met this student who was seeking for help with Chemistry and Mathematics, and also struggling dramatically with anxiety. It is hard to believe a student who was lacking confidence to finish university turned out to be graduating and receiving such an honour for his academic success. You can call it a miracle which wouldn’t have been possible without his numerous efforts and all the supports. I am proud of the student’s academic achievement and as well as my division’s team work providing students consistent assistance from different perspectives.

Seeing students making progress and then succeeding academically and socially is fascinating and it triggers lots of people’s passion for education. Looking forward to more miracles in the future.