The Power of Curiosity

You’re five years old, snuggling into your pajamas, and getting ready to head to bed after a draining day of snacks, naps, and walking around. You’re tucked in, your favourite story has been read to you, and your nightlight is brightly flashing in the corner–but there is one thing from allowing you to fall asleep; the itch to look under your bed. Haven’t you always wanted to do it? To see if there really is a monster under there, or potentially – a new best friend?

Being curious at all stages in life has become an extremely important concept to me in the past couple of months. Engaging in curious thoughts has the ability to open up new worlds and possibilities, which are normally not visible. Whether that means participating in a new initiative, reading articles in a field that interests you, or taking a new position in an unfamiliar environment–being curious is widening your horizon as an individual, employee, and active citizen.

As a Concurrent Education student, I have had multiple opportunities working with children where I can see students learning through discovery; however I had never opened my eyes to the ways that adults continue to discover later in life.

Engaging with both mature and transfer students as well as many other staff members, I was able to notice how each and every one of them was curious in his or her own way. I was able to notice curiosity through their choices to switch to a new program or choose to take on a new position to help their professional development. Each of these individuals was taking on a new opportunity, and putting themselves in an unfamiliar environment to discover more about his or herself and their interests –all of which will provide them with the foundation for a more rich, and satisfying life experience. Engaging in conversations with all of these individuals has inspired me to consider my future development as an educator. As I am currently considering masters programs, I find myself searching for what I think would be of interest to me, which has changed since I opened up my idea of more possibilities. I allowed myself to fall into curiosity’s vast hands.

Being curious about the world and others helps break down barriers between people and contributes to advancements in society. Curiosity opens the door to finding out how we are different and how we work effectively together, knowing our similarities and differences. This brings forth the idea that curiosity is an essential stepping-stone toward building awareness, appreciation, and understanding other cultures. This was evident in my interactions with mature and transfer students. Through my curiosity, I was about to gain a new perspective, allowing me to engage in a more open conversation. In addition, by noticing their curiosity of the programs and services that are available at Nipissing University, I was able to connect with the students and help show them how they can be successful as a student.

Remaining curious through all realms of life has become extremely important to me. Discovering more about yourself and your interests is a rewarding process to ensure that you are living a fulfilling life. So remember to embrace that inner child curiosity you once had and never stop about wondering the possibilities that are available.