Managing Stress

The first several weeks of University can be an exciting time for both first year and upper year students. It can include things such as new classes, friends, experiences and so much more. Once those feelings of excitement have lifted what often comes next is anxiety and stress. Upcoming papers, midterms and assignments usually are the culprits of bringing on these feelings. It is important know that everyone gets stressed in one form or another. What is more important is how you react and make decisions when are you faced with the inevitable stress.
Here are some prompts and ideas that can help relieve or help to bring your stress to functioning levels:

 Take care of yourself and find balance
– Feeling overwhelmed is hard to get past, but it will become even more difficult if you do not continue to take care of yourself physically and mentally.

 Get help when you need it
– Seek out assistance early from credible professionals to avoid adding more stress to your life

 Eliminate unnecessary stress
– If you have 99 problems….don’t add more. Let the little things go till another day

 Music break
– Don’t make music part of your studying/work; make it a reward. Something to work towards!

 Reduce Caffeine/Drink Water
– Caffeine can be your friend in certain circumstances, but does not help when you are trying to become level headed and make calm decisions. Water helps flush out all the garbage you’ve been putting in your body that is most likely adding to your bad mood.

 Use a planner
– Avoid putting yourself in impossible situations like needing to finish a 20 page paper by tomorrow morning. Plan to get small sections of it complete days before that.

 Prioritize
– Getting laundry, dishes and season 2 of House of Cards complete before completing the first few pages of your assignment due tomorrow is an example of poor prioritization. Become your own worst boss; make yourself focus.

 Learn to say “no”
– It is hard to say no to friends and family, but in the long run it is harder to say no them or to go back and redo a course you failed?

 Exercise
– Netflix is not your friend. Exercise will increase blood flow, create endorphins and increase concentration so you can tackle some of the tasks on your pile.