These NEW Learning Experiences


Without going into the details students and support staff are being faced with a NEW learning experience. This NEW learning experience has been happening for nearly a month now and I do believe this a great learning experience. It is not ideal, or the experience that many have signed up for but it has many great learning opportunities if looked at in the right way.

Our department recently read an article titled “Learning Reconsidered: A Practical Guide to Implementing a Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience”. After doing so, we were literally asked to reconsider learning for the foreseeable future.

I would like to take the viewpoint of an educator in this situation. This unique opportunity has challenged many people to look at the personal, social and academic learning that takes place in our lives. We may not know we are taking part in it or may not be formally writing it out through learning goals but we are changing, adapting, modifying or incorporating new methods to the way we learn and take in knowledge.

Are we simply listening to all information that is being presented to us and immediately making decisions?

Are we finding new strategies to learn material without it being offered from 1-3 on Thursdays?

Are there new places where you can do to find answers? Are there new people or friends that are providing knowledge?

Are we learning about our own personal tolerance levels?

Are we using social media as a tool or weapon?

Have we learned anything about our time management skills (or added to that skill)?

Have we set any new goals or objectives for ourselves in our lives recently?

Have we discovered any new personal passions or interests?


Learning experiences are never confined to the class rooms or to ‘schools’. Many of the opportunities and experiences that make us the people and professionals we are today occur in non-traditional academic settings.

During this time I would like to take the chance to remind people that indeed we a being faced with many new learning experiences but be careful and selective in your decision making so that these experiences are positive and that you are learning something positive.