I try to express gratitude as frequently as I can.  Even on my worst days, I actively take time to reflect on the pieces of my life for which I am grateful.  Before I go on, note that I am not having a bad day!  I just have something to be grateful for and, sometimes, just reflecting on gratitude isn’t enough.  Sometimes you just have to do the virtual equivalent of shouting it from the rooftops!

So what is it that I’m going to be so publicly grateful for?  Yes, I’m grateful for my family, home, health, coffee — all of the basics, but what I really need to express today is that I am grateful for my job.  I’m very fortunate to have a good job but it’s more than that: I’m grateful for my job.

I get to help students through academic challenges and collaborate with amazing people to figure out how to help these students.  The academic side of my job is a perfect fit for me, but thanks to a holistic definition and understanding of learning, I’m able to spend a bit of time working with students on projects related to community engagement and civic learning and provide them with opportunities to learn more about their own passions.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been part of a team of amazing people who are bringing a development project to life.  I’ve been really uplifted and motivated by the level of engagement from students.  When a lot of my day is spent focussing on how to help students when they’re struggling, I’m really grateful to be a part of a team that values learning so much that we’ll do things a little differently to help them thrive.