Sparking Creativity



There are many non specific phrases that often frustrate me. Some of these include:

  • (While playing sports) “Play defense”.
  • “Just get it done”
  • “Be more creative”

I would like to take a look at the last phrase listed. Be More Creative.
I cannot recall the last time I was asked to do such a vague request, but would like to provide my own ideas along with other researched strategies for how you can conquer a tasks such as ‘Be More Creative’.

1) Professional Talk

Talk to other professionals in your office, department, etc, that you have a good report with or that you can be honest with. I say that last part because if you do not have a comfortable open relationship with someone then you are not as likely to be relaxed and free to talk about that first idea that comes to mind.
You can brainstorm new ideas, bring in old ideas you had and see if new progress can be made with them. A fresh set of eyes or someone that is not attached from the project can sometimes see what someone who has been working or starring at it for weeks can’t. Also, they are professionals. They will have other past experiences and knowledge that might bring a new angle or idea to your project.

2) Infused Tech

With the thousands of new Apps and websites being created sometimes an old or classic idea can become relevant or exciting by infusing it with technology. Facebook = The new diary/scrapbook.
Incorporating technology can also be a great way to spring board creativity for those involved with the idea; put the creative potential in the hands of those using your idea.

3) To the Internet!

I don’t have to tell anyone that the internet is full of great original and fantastic ideas. Google, Instagram, Youtube Facebook and Pinterest are just some of the great places that contain what seems like unlimited potential for resources and ideas. Why not use the skills and ideas that others have created and have success with and bring it your audience?
The ideas can be borrowed, adopted, modified or completely retooled to fit your project

4) PD and Meetings

Much like Professional Talk many new ideas can come from professional development opportunities and meetings. These ideas being presented at the PD sessions and at meetings are from professionals are have already been deed ‘useful’. Listening and engaging in new ideas has the potential to add new tools to your professional arsenal and could help bulk up existing skills you might have.
If the idea or strategy being discussed does not seem relevant do not ignore it, challenge yourself to make it relevant or applicable to your position!

5) Remove Yourself

Much like when you cannot remember a name or where you put your car keys, remove yourself from the situation or train of thought and if you do something else completely unrelated it may come to you.
The same idea appeals to creative inspiration. If you are trying to find a way to make Differentiating Equations fun or creative and have been trying for hours straight, go play some basketball. Keep it in your mind and it might come to you then, or, completely forget it and come back to it later.
Some of my best ideas have come when I am eating diner or playing with my dog.


These are my ideas and have helped me over the years. Hope you find at least one of them new or useful.