Celebrate ideas!

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A few years ago, I retired from my long term position as Chief of the Grammar Police.  As a relatively recent retiree, I still have moments when putting on my grammar snob hat is natural.  I like buzzfeed posts with grammar jokes and my eyes get a bit wider when there’s a grammar category on Jeopardy!, but, overall, I’m pretty happy living the life of a retiree.  I now have the opportunity to do the things that I wasn’t able to do while I was on “the force” full time.  I’m able to see how my past practices may have turned grammar into a marginalizing issue for people.

I love learning about grammar and language, but I know that love might have translated into stress for others.   I’m not proud of the amount of time it took me to come to this point but I’m happy to be here now.

Now, I focus less on “gotcha grammar” and more on clear communication and that transfer of focus has changed both my own writing and the way I teach writing.  I’m able to value the whole idea and demonstrate how the micro-level issues can impede clarity of thought.

National Grammar Day is on Friday, March 4.  Rather than celebrating grammar pet peeves and isolating so many, we will be sharing grammar-related resources and videos that will take the mystery out of the most common grammar questions and provide you with some insight into how the English language works.  I hope this Grammar Day will be about enjoyment, sharing, and learning.