Summer: Just 20 Assignments Away!

Summer post - Calvin
Written by: Calvin Green, Gen1 Program Peer Facilitator

With just over two weeks left in the semester, summer is quickly coming! The living’s pretty easy in the summer but without darkness, there is no light!  Students have to get through April to get to May and the joys of summer.

For most university students, April is a stressful month jam-packed with essays, assignments, take-home assessments, and exams. Time management and strong work ethic are the keys to success this month. Managing your time so that you can effectively work on everything is a must.

Here are a couple of tips for making your time management dreams a reality! First, organize both your time and your materials to ensure that your precious time is not wasted. If everything is ready to go you will have an easier time! Next, reward yourself for all of your hard work! Try to make positive steps towards an ultimate goal by rewarding yourself. This could be a piece of candy or pizza for every two chapters you read or essay you finish!

April is a super stressful month that is not so stressful when you break it down and manage your time effectively. Remember: summer is so close and you can do it! Just keep at it and the stress you’re experiencing now will be nothing but a memory!