My Years

My four years here at Nipissing University have been quite the journey. I would say it has been nothing but golden opportunities and endless moments of sheer joy, but that would be a lie. I have had my ups and my downs. That’s an honest answer. The one thing that I am quite certain of as both a student and a human being is that I have developed as an individual in four years. The person you would have seen in first year is definitely not the one you would see today (As you can see between image one of me in first year and image two of me in fourth).


I reflect on this because I am now entering my final year of my honours, which seemed so far away not too long ago. But it has crept up on me and I now have to face the fact that an old man such as myself isn’t as young as I used to be. This goes for everyone attending post-secondary school, whether it be college or university. If you are a fourth year student like me or even in your first year you need to ask yourself what impact will these moments have on me? What will I make of the opportunities at my disposal? I know a big thing for me that I learned was confidence. I’ve always been a bit of a goof (if you haven’t noticed these are the best images I could show off), but I never felt truly comfortable in my skin until the beginning of third year. I spent much of first year in my room, which I will tell all of you first years that THAT is not a good way to spend your time at university. So I started taking part in residence events, then I started working on the residence life team, then I started taking part in other activities off campus and POOF! Here I am today. It has sometimes been a hit and miss but that’s life! I’m much better off for at least trying than settling.


Now I know this isn’t a formula for success and everyone is different, but you’re going to miss out on these years if you watch them from your room window. So as a student, in first year or in fourth, you need to ask yourself those questions. Have these years made an impact or are going to make an impact on me? Have I made the best out of the opportunities at hand? It’s safe to say that these years have made an impact on myself.