That One Big Test


Throughout your classes in university, there is always that one test that when you think about it, you can’t help but fear it. It can be whether it is the professor, the material or simply just the format of the test but you feel as if you have no way to be successful on that big scary test. In order for you to be successful on that big scary test there are a number of ways that you can get through this and win the prize at the end of the tunnel (key note: the prize is just being done the test, I do not guarantee you will win a Ferrari or a pug).

The most important thing to think about when evaluating how you will do on a test is how much time you put into the test. It is important that you are dedicating enough time to the time that you feel you know the material that was covered. If you are unsure of what specifically you need to know, professors at Nipissing University have a magical concept called office hours in which they will help students’ for multiple hours a week. During this time, it is simply not always about studying the materials that are on the test. There are a number of other things that can be learned when studying for the test.

The first thing that should be studied is the format. The format of the test is very important to know when you are studying for the test. If the test has an essay component think of the possible elements of the course that the professor talked about the most. The more knowledge the professor gives you, the more knowledge that you can put into the essay. If the essay is worth 50% of your entire test, focus specifically on the topics that are covered the most and don’t study the small topics as much.

The second thing that should be studied is the professor and their presentation of the course. The professor’s presentation of the course can be extremely helpful in knowing what you should study the most for this big test. In the typical classrooms, the test covers the majority of what the professor will cover in class with some questions strictly from the textbook. While it is important to do your readings, the single most successful way to beat this test is to go to class. Going to class, the professor can give you subtle hints on what material will be very present and not very present on the test. If a professor uses a lot of examples in which he talks about a theory there is a likely chance there will be a couple examples on the test.

In closing, you can do such an incredible job on this big test all you have to do is dedicate some time to it! Dedicate time to studying the professor, the format of the test and the presentation of the course and you can do an incredible job and win the golden trophy: a good mark!