About Us

The Student Learning and Transitions department is a team of dynamic student affairs practitioners within the Student Development and Services division who are dedicated to support students’ personal and academic success. We accomplish this through innovative programs, services and initiatives such as:

  • one-on-one and group consultations and tutorials
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Academic Skills Drop-In Centre
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Academic Success Program
  • AskMe Team
  • Gen 1: First in the Family
  • Crown Ward student support
  • Record of Student Development

All of the above listed programs, initiatives, and services are focused on academic skill development and our NU Lakers’ various transitions.

Academic Skill Development

Academic skill development activities include all direct student support services and consultations aimed at meeting individual student needs in order to achieve academic and personal success. These services may be provided through one-on-one consultations, group workshops and tutorials, peer-to-peer support and tutoring, or referral services.

Transition Programming

Transition programming includes facilitated programs, campus activities and events that promote academic and social integration into the Nipissing University Lakers’ community. Transition programs seek to assist in easing the multiple transitions throughout the post-secondary experience, including for those who have entered through non-traditional pathways, from orientation to post-matriculation.

For more information about our services:

For up-to-date information including dates and times of events and programs as well as extended office hours, check out the “Events” section of this site and/or add the SLT Open Calendar. To add the calendar to your Nipissing University G-mail account and smartphone, search for slt@nipissingu.ca in the “other calendars” search bar.